Thursday, 5 July 2012


This is a social network just like Facebook. But unlike Facebook, you earn money as you chat with your friends, makes new ones, upload pictures and videos, and make updates and comments. You simply earn money doing the same things you do on facebook and twitter. You earn money through the following;

1.       By your daily activities on intichat like uploading videos, photos, posting comments etc.
2.       You earn money by voting for people and getting voted for.
3.       By referring or bringing others into intichat. You will be paid 50 cents for every person that joins through you. This means 1 dollar for two persons you invite.
4.       You can own a blog or page on intichat and monetize it with Google AdSense i.e. if you have an approved Google AdSense account. You can display your Google ads on intichat and get more clicks.
5.       The fastest way to make money on intichat is in the mega points section. You can earn cash from $50 to $5,000. Or you can win prizes like mp3- players, Blu-Ray, laptops and much more. All you do is to complete offers at the mega points section.

Ways you can receive your payment
You can receive payment through any of these methods;
1.       Personal Cheque (the cheque will be mailed to you)
2.       Through Paypal and
3.       Through Payza (formally alertpay)

The minimum amount that is paid out is 5 dollars. If you make below 5 dollars in a month, you will not receive payment. Rather the money will roll over into the next month. But if you make up to 5 dollars and above in a month, you will be paid on the 15th of the following month.  

NB- There is a condition for you to earn money, and that includes that you must upload a profile picture and get at least 500 points completing offers. Now this is a very easy thing to do. Just upload any picture as profile picture and complete some offers for free, then you are good and qualified to earn money.

I personally think this is a nice way to make money on the internet. There are no country restrictions. To join, click HERE